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i am working as a medical coder from 6 years. i am graduate that' all

Ways to get rid of air pollution - YouTube

We will discuss about causes of air pollution.
This is a story of david. David is living simple life like us office to home and home to office.
He start feeling some symptoms which is outcome of pollution. He asked doctor about this.
Doctor asked him to take precaustions. He gave him simple tricks and tips.

blood pressure in pregnancy | Gestational Hypertension | pregnancy complications - YouTube

high blood pressure in pregnancy, The reason of Gestational hypertension, PIH, and preeclampsia is sudden increase in BP of the pregnant female after the 20th week. 
The affects may be liver failure, heart problems, kidney failure, 
brain damage. If preeclampsia is untreated it can also developed to eclampsia and this can cause seizures.