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Onata, in its web app and mobile app forms, has created an ecosystem for the services industry where service providers and seekers congregate to fulfil their needs. Choose and book from 100+ services and track them on the 'Onata App'. We made a beginning to change the way you seek service.

The Onata Insider Program (OIP) is now live and brings in plenty of rewards early registrants. You are invited to register at to experience Onata and claim a spot in the pre-launch bonanza. Register at and we will credit $5 toward your future services. Once in, you can join other Onata Insiders to race toward 100,001 shares from Onata stock options, the GRAND PERK.

To know more about the Onata Insider Program, visit -

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Women are achievers. They have always been. We just wish that they always had the recognition that they have finally started to get. Today, empowered women are taking equally long strides in sectors like science, innovation, and public services.

In this age more than ever, we want to celebrate the progress and contribution of women innovators in our past who battled a million challenges. In the same tune, let us also celebrate the women of today who are paving the way to bringing positive change to society. Read more