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Intranet Solution Built on Office 365

BizPortals 365 is an intranet solution built on Office365, which helps consolidate & streamline business processes. 

Robust Project Management Features Within an Intranet

A Project management solution within an intranet? Yes, BizPortals 365 has robust project management features including Kanban boards, Gantt_charts, and discussion_boards all in-built within its intranet solution. Do more with your Office 365 intranet. Learn more by visiting.

Top 5 Reasons SharePoint Should Be Your 1st Collaboration Tool

SharePoint Intranet is a powerful collaboration tool. But most only scratch the surface. It can be used as a collaboration and productivity hub with the right tools. Know how. 

Turning your Office 365 Intranet into a Business Hub - YouTube

Organizations that embrace Business Process Automation have cut costs, saved time, and eliminated errors. All while reducing their IT burden, improving employee productivity, and ensuring stronger accountability and compliance.

A Connected and Collaborative Digital Workplace

BizPortals 365 transforms your intranet to a social, connected and collaborative digital_workplace_solution. Engage employees with news, discussions, chats, people directory, corporate videos, photographs, spotlight stories, birthday reminders and more. 

Robust Search Features

BizPortal 365’s robust search features help you find information easily and quickly. You can target any content - documents, announcements, events, and tasks. You can even search for colleagues and skills sets, and filter your results. It brings information to your fingertips.

Transform your SharePoint into a Productivity Hub

BizPortals 365 is a comprehensive solution that organizes, connects and manages critical parts of your business with all important tools together in one solution, and transforms your SharePoint Template into a productivity hub. 

Manage Your Day to Day Operations Efficiently with Office 365 Intranet

BizPortals 365 provides business value by addressing critical areas with its ready-to-go Office 365 Intranet, pre-built features for Management, Form Center, HR and Management, Storing & Archiving, that help you better manage your day to day operations.

Integration With Office 365 Tools and Other LOB Systems

BizPortals 365 offers integration with Office 365 tools and other LOB systems so that all your work is in one location.

Collaborate With Team Members Across The Globe

Transform your traditional office into a comprehensive intranet and digital workplace solution  with BizPortals 365 intranet. With BizPortal 365's well-rounded project management features, you can quickly & effortlessly create projects, collaborate with team members across the globe, share high level goals, assign and manage tasks, and communicate project deadlines.